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Buyer Inspection

Phoenix Arizona Buyer Inspection

Making informed decisions about the property

Purchasing a new home may be one of the most significant buying decisions you will ever make.  A comprehensive investigation of the property by Valley Home Inspections will allow you to make an informed decision based upon our findings.  Our certified home inspection and concise, easily understood inspection report will allow you to make an intelligent decision about precisely what you are buying and its current condition.

The inspection report: A valuable tool

At the end of his physical examination, one of our highly trained Senior Inspectors will walk you through the property; he will point out and thoroughly explain its deficiencies and answer any questions you may have.  The report is printed and delivered to you on-site and can be a valuable tool in the decision-making process.

Peace of Mind and confidence in your decision

Regardless of the home’s age, some repairs are usually required.  Knowing what these are prior to purchasing will provide peace of mind and confidence that the correct decision has been reached.

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One Year Builder Warranty Inspection


Protecting your investment

To help protect your investment and avoid paying for needed repairs yourself, consider having a thorough examination of all components and systems in your new home performed prior to the expiration of its first year.  With more than 23 years in business and having performed more than 40,000 home inspections, our State of Arizona certified home inspectors can identify necessary repairs and safety concerns before it is too late to have them corrected under the terms of your Builder Warranty.

Identify problems: Avoid the expense and inconvenience

There are many advantages that a certified builder warranty inspection can provide.  Having the builder make needed repairs prior to your warranty expiration saves you the expense and inconvenience.  Secondly, should our inspectors identify problems or potential problems; they can be remedied before they become worse.  And thirdly, when you decide to sell your home, the buyers will certainly want a home inspection.  If defects are present, it could delay the sale.  Living in a home that is safe and free of defects will provide peace of mind and help protect your investment.

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Seller Inspections


Make your home more attractive for buyers

To give you an advantage over other Seller's in your neighborhood, and to help make your home more attractive to Buyer's, consider a Pre-Listing Seller Inspection of your home performed by the professionals at Valley Home Inspections.  The pre-listing inspection has been a successful and effective selling tool used by many to promote and market their homes.

There are numerous advantages to conducting a pre-listing inspection.

  1. Eliminate objections before they become objections by making necessary home repairs now.
  2. Avoid Surprises.
  3. Obtain knowledge of your home's condition before the Buyer's have it inspected.  Have the confidence that comes with knowing the true condition of your home.
  4. Avoid the stress of being under the gun to make required repairs pursuant to the terms of your purchase agreement.  Make needed repairs in advance so that they do not become a negotiating stumbling block.

These are just a few of the many advantages created by a Certified Pre-Listing Seller Inspection offered by Valley Home Inspections.

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Construction in Progress Inspection


To ensure quality and correctness

Also known as a “Phase Inspection”, the inspection of new home construction at its various stages is conducted to help ensure quality and correctness.  Building a new home can be an extremely stressful and complex endeavor.  Making every effort to avoid mistakes should be paramount in the building process.

Help ensure that problems are identified and corrected

Our new construction specialists will generally inspect your new home in three steps or phases.  Pre-Pour Foundation, Pre-Dry Wall, and Final Walk Through.  Inspection at these intervals by our independent inspector will help ensure that problems are identified and corrected prior to entering the next phase.

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Safety/Wellness Home Check-up Inspection


Ensure a safe home

Most accidents occur at home and many of them are preventable.  It is important that your home is as safe as possible by identifying problems or potential problems before they cause harm.

Identify areas of required maintenance

Additionally, needed maintenance of the integral systems that comprise a home are some times overlooked or postponed.  A thorough examination of those systems will identify areas of required maintenance to help that insure their life reaches its maximum.

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