A comprehensive investigation of the property by Valley Home Inspections will allow you to make an informed decision based upon our findings for any home in the Phoenix area. At the end of his physical examination, one of our highly trained Arizona Certified Home Inspectors  walk you through the property thoroughly explaining any deficiencies and answering questions you may have.  You will then receive a comprehensive report with color photos summarizing the inspection.


To help protect your investment and avoid paying for needed repairs yourself, consider having a thorough examination of all components and systems in your new home performed prior to the expiration of its first year. There are many advantages that a Certified Home Inspection can provide. The builder will make needed repairs prior to your warranty expiration saving you the expense and inconvenience.

Seller Inspection


To give you an advantage over other Seller's in your neighborhood, and to help make your Arizona home more attractive to Buyer's, consider a Pre-Listing Seller Inspection of your home performed by the Phoenix home inspection professionals at Valley Home Inspections.


You have contracted to have your home built and would like the satisfaction of knowing your home is being constructed properly; then a construction in progress inspection is for you. Valley Home Inspections will work you as a consultant during the construction of your home.
 Many pitfalls in custom building start in the beginning. If you are not able to take the time off from your job during the construction period and/or do not have contracting expertise, do not try building the home yourself. In most instances, you will not save money and the quality will not be in the final product.
 Our construction in progress inspections consist of a couple of inspections during construction.  We can also answer your questions and offer suggestions. The inspections are:
· When the framing and rough ins are completed, but before dry wall is installed.
· Final inspection. This will be after the builder receives the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and before your contract with the builder is finalized.

About the Inspection

How long does the inspection take and should I plan to attend?

The average inspection will take approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours.  If the home is older or if there is a pool/spa that we will inspect, the process will take a bit longer.  And yes, please try to come to the inspection toward the end of the inspection period.  The inspector will walk you through the property, point out the items that he has identified as being deficient, and answer any questions you may have.

30 Years of

What is the cost of a home inspection?

The inspection fee is based upon the square footage, age of the property, and any additional services that may be requested.  The cost of the inspection should not be the deciding factor when selecting an inspection company.  The large investment required to purchase a home is a serious proposition.  Valley Home and Commercial Inspections, LLC. has more than a 30 year history of serving Valley Real Estate Professionals and their clients, experience does matter.  Valley Home Inspections offers exceptional service at competitive rates.  Our goal is to provide excellent value and superior service for the reasonable fees we charge.   Please phone for further information and an exact price quote.                     
"Peace of Mind is not only Affordable; It's Priceless."

Is there A Guarantee?

Is the Home Inspection Guaranteed?

Sometimes the “home inspection” is confused with a “home warranty”.  The home inspection is a visual examination of the condition of the home and its components at the time of the inspection.  We guarantee that our inspections adhere to and meet or exceed the Standards of Practice adopted by the State of Arizona, Board of Technical Registration and that the reporting will be accurate.  We do not guarantee that the roof will not leak sometime in the future.  On the other hand, a home warranty plan, purchased from a home warranty company, will help protect you in the event one of your systems or appliances goes on the blink.

Identify areas of required maintenance

Additionally, needed maintenance of the integral systems that comprise a home are some times overlooked or postponed.  A thorough examination of those systems will identify areas of required maintenance to help that insure their life reaches its maximum.